Sørina Higgins is Chair of the Department of Literature and Language at Signum University, the organizer of the Signum Series of guest lecturers (which is brilliant), a poet, and an explorer of the works of Charles Williams. This blog is basically a writing assignment she casually gave me one day.

Tom Hillman was dubbed “Resident Classicist” of the Mythgard Academy by Corey Olsen.  Read a few posts on his blog, and you’ll see why he’s my lodestar.

Corey Olsen is the Tolkien Professor.  Enough said? Never!

Sparrow Alden has gone a long way down the road toward literary scholarship through statistics, which is almost like science.

Colin Saunders is an Internet pioneer among scientists who stick their noses into other fields. Also an exemplar of getting literature wrong on the first try but figuring it out later. He also also blogs about personal development from a similar perspective.

Olga Polomoshnova (it’s not that hard to pronounce; go ahead, try it) blogs at Middle-Earth Reflections. Her inquiries are mostly about language, and what it tells us about people and events in The Silmarillion. She also tweets about hockey.  She’s a fan of ЦСКА, which is the name of the épée team that beat us in the gold-medal match at the US National Championships in 2001, but I don’t hold grudges.

Brad DeLong is, well, lots of things. He’s an economic historian, a professor  at UC Berkeley, a lover of science fiction and fantasy, a composer of Socratic dialogues, and an OG blogger from the dawn of time.